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Zulwi Hair started its journey in 2020, selling hair products and haircare essentials. Caring for all African hair types has always been the foundation of what we believe at Zulwi Hair. It did not take long to realize that our passion lies in hairstyling. We wanted to create a space for African women to feel beautiful, seen, and have the freedom to express themselves through hair. Hair, as an art form, is an age-old tradition that has been passed down through the generations. We at Zulwi Hair put a modern twist on our beautiful hair heritage! We offer one-of-a-kind styling solutions and beautiful, bespoke hair accessories to get everybody's heads turning!

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Artistic, African-inspired Hair Accessories

Your hair is your crown, and every crown needs some jewels! Adorn your hair with elegant, detachable hair accessories that make every head turn. Whether you are looking for a subtle clip-in or a bedazzled headpiece, we have something for every African Queen!

We put the Hair and Art in Heritage

Or as we like to call it at Zulwi Hair, “Hair-Art-Age”. We love to showcase the diversity of African hair. From elegant braids to silky drawstring clip-ins to intricate beadwork, each piece tells a story of power, softness, and beauty. Experience the beauty of African hair with Zulwi Hair.

Knot your average hairstylists

We at Zulwi Hair merge the world of African hairstyling and art to create unique and visually appealing artworks. Our talented team brings imagination and skill to every headpiece and hair accessory we create. From bold colors to intricate braids, we craft hairstyles that express individuality and tell the unique stories of women through hair art. Step into our immersive world of hair art by booking a hairstyling session with us below.

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What is Editorial Hair

Editorial hair art refers to innovative and avant-garde hairstyling techniques showcased primarily in magazines, photo shoots, and runway shows. It pushes boundaries, combining artistic flair with technical skill to create visually captivating hairstyles that complement fashion concepts and editorial themes. Editorial hair art often involves artistic techniques aiming to inspire and provoke creativity in the realm of hairstyling.

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Bespoke Headpeaces

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1. Contact Us

Book a consultation with us via WhatsApp or email (contact details below) so that we can understand your vision, your event, and your hairstyling needs. We offer 30 minute consultations free of charge.

2. First Fittings

After we have created a vision for your event, we may require first and second fittings to ensure your custom headpiece complements the rest of your fabulous outfit.

3. Final Delivery

Zulwi original pieces can be rented or bought. Either way, we ensure to hold your hand throughout the process to ensure you look and feel fabulous!

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